Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Grab bag

My purse is a place full of receipts, gum wrappers, business cards and a messy wallet. Sometimes an apple finds it`s way in there, which I have full intentions of snacking on. But then it disappears to the bottom. It really is uncharted territory - I need a shallow handbag, maybe.

The real question is, how do guys go about their business without a purse? I imagine that I`ve got an inkling its not easy... I`m a bookkeeper and I have seen some receipts that have seen better days from the menz. Where do they put their apple (or a more manly fruit like a banana, maybe... but discussing THAT is a whole other blog post) that they plan on snacking on later? It would seem that the man purse really isn`t that bad an idea except for the fact that purses are mostly purgatory for receipts and other papers that I will wind up throwing out. After depositing used gum in them, that is.

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