Friday, June 11, 2010

Dream as if you'll live forever, Live as if you'll die tomorrow

I’ve gotten back on my mountain bike and have gotten past the ‘sore ass’ stage of getting used to the damn bike seat. I had a year off from sitting in the seat, you wouldn’t believe how unused to it you can get. So I’m used to that again, and have been realizing how virtually crazily fun trail biking is. And I’ve decided I’m going to go whole hog this year.

I'm going to participate in the local mountain biking club (OMBA), assist in trail building, and be a contender in a mountain bike race in the fall. Probably not a ‘contender’ but my plan is to finish. And that is more than enough.  It’ll get me out and off the couch when I don’t want to go but know I should…and when I know I’d enjoy myself too. I find I’m not in the “habit” of biking religiously yet and need something to motivate me until I do get there.  Gearing up to participate in a mountain bike race in September is just the thing.  I plan to go wild, get dirty, and enjoy myself.