Friday, December 4, 2009

Back in the saddle

It's been a hell of a year.Had a few health issues to work out, starting in late February and as anyone can tell, I haven't written much about it. That might change.

Lately, I've been watching Mad Men (an AMC show). In October, my sister had talked me and my husband into giving it a watch. DH, fuelled by the personal attestations of greatness, made a point of renting Mad Men season one. Just brought it home one night, like it meant nothing at all! You have to realize that we are a married couple that have a "thing" about watching tv shows on dvd. The "thing" being that we like it. A lot. Unfortunately, we watch to the point of obsession and don't hit full stop until we've run aground, high and dry. And strung out.

So we consumed Season One. I wasn't sure how much I liked it halfway through, as the characters aren't likable. I was feeling that the show aimed to cultivate culture shock in viewers, and it was a one-hit wonder. I kept going more because DH was into it, tagging along and watched the remainder of season one. It grew on me enough by then that I was hooked. Of course, we ran out and rented Season Two. This is the season where I started to really enjoy the show. Besides the fact that you can't tell what characters are thinking and nowhere is it spelled out, you can decide how you feel about characters - or about what you think is some character's motivations - based on sometimes very subtle hints and actions. Very Survivor-like in its own way. The show also has something in common with rubbernecking, where viewers feel as if a train wreck is coming. If and when it does occur, it appears to be very anticlimactic. Kind of like real life, I'm thinking.

We're into Season Three, a few episodes in. Thank goodness Christmas is coming, it'll distract me when we run out of episodes. Though I'm thinking about planning ahead to rent Dexter... I've heard good things about it.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Februaritis: getting my hate on

Yes, it's still February in Ottawa. The waning winter is a more bitter pill to swallow than any of the previous winter months. In fact, it's the last week of February that always torments. Cross country skiing is an activity I enjoy and it does give me a better take on winter, making it more tolerable and even somewhat desirable.

Unfortunately I find the February blahs kick in like clockwork every year. Vitamin D drops don't keep it at bay. Being sick for weeks on end in February (like this year and others) only clouds it's onset until I'm in the full throes of Februaritis. I surmise many others suffer from it, and some have the wherewithal to flee to softer climates for a winter mind-wipe. Those who seek that treatment - perhaps they are given a sun warmed glow to carry around for those few remaining weeks of full calendar winter? Or is it just a simple break in the winter monotony that can mean so much? One year I'd like to try it out and see how effective the treatment is - for science, of course.

The sun may be shining but the -14C temperature (8F in dog years) makes the sunshine beaming into the house a misleading advertisement for the weather. Talk about a bait-and-switch. I know winter is winding down with the sun getting higher in the sky and sundown being pushed ever later - not too much longer now before winter is officially over - but after almost three full months of snow, ice, -10C and lower temperatures... Stick a snow shovel into me, 'cause I am done.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

An Ode to Nyquil

O Nyquil, thou sweet and noxious sting
bestows slumber unmatched by Morphius,
Thou three sided chalice glows like a beacon
summoning the weary shades who lurk the house
with diaphanous wads that lay strewn in their wake
"i'm sick!" a wail and a warning to those left
unvanquished by those denizens of hades Colde and Flooh

O Nyquil, thy kiss will make me to swoon and
ceasing all my sniffling, sneezing and coughing,
The cares of this sick world become wrap'd, muzzy headed
and forgotten in the soft downy world of my bed
Repair my shadowed and ill self to face a new day
wherein Dayquil, O Dayquil! may be my saviour and
I become whole and unshadowed, nay unsullied, by Colde and Flooh.